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Newsletter Entry for Whistleblower Hotline

We take concerns about workplace issues, unethical, and illegal behavior seriously. To demonstrate our commitment to fostering a workplace environment with integrity, we created the Compliance Helpline. Our company understands that not everyone might be comfortable using the traditional methods of reporting incidents, dependent upon circumstances, and that’s why the Compliance Helpline exists. Our most valuable asset doesn’t come with a price tag, because it’s our people. Note that the helpline is used for reporting the following:

  1. Critical Incidents (emergencies, serious injuries, or property damage)

  2. See Something, Say Something Incidents (work place issues/unethical behavior)

  3. Claims (auto, general liability, property, workers’ compensation)

  4. Tips (report theft or fraud).

Encourage your colleagues to do the right thing – report unethical or inappropriate behavior that violates our Code of Conduct by calling 1-800-000-0000. 

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